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Fencepro Fence and Staining is one of the highest rated fence companies in Jacksonville Florida. Our company offers a wide range of fence related services including: fence installations, fence repair, staining services, and fence parts sales.

Fencepro Fence and Staining is now also carrying fence parts that are available for all of the do-it-yourselfers in Jacksonville. We build all of our own wooden fencing to make sure it meets our level of quality and standards. If you have ever had a wooden fence gate you already know that the gate can be damaged easily. They start to sag to the point where you have to pick of the gate to open and close it. Even then it does not line up with the latch. Unfortunately most wooden gates are not built to last. We build our own wood fences and offer a welded frame on all wooden gates for better durability. Building our own wooden fencing allows us to keep our prices lower too.

Fencepro Fence and Staining offers quality products at a fair price.
We have over 36 years experience installing fences for Jacksonville Florida residents.

Our mission statement is “The best form of customer appreciation is a job well done.” Our commitment to quality service has allowed Fencepro Fence and Staining to acquire a 5 star review rating on Google and Home Advisor. Fencepro Fence and Staining also has an A+ rating on Angieslist, a clean record with the BBB, and the department of Consumer Affairs. Our team members are dedicated to ensuring customers have an outstanding experience.

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What Sets Fencepro Fence and Staining Apart From the Other Jacksonville Fencing Companies?

Warranties are important with any service based company. Any fencing company can offer a warranty, but the only thing that is really important is a company’s willingness to back up those warranties. Fencepro Fence and Staining has warranties put in place for a good reason. Warranties are meant to tell a customer that if something does not meet their standards it will be fixed. Warranties are not just words to us, our warranties are our bond. When we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Permits and Locating

Proper procedures are imperative in the fencing industry. Every fencing company should pull the proper permits before the fencing project begins. Some fencing companies will not discuss permits with you because they may not be filing the proper permits or do not want to discuss who will be responsible for the fees associated with the permits. More importantly you or the fencing company are required by law to call and have local utility companies locate utilities under ground to mark them. You can dial 811 and they will send someone out within two business days to mark the utilities with paint and flags.

Don’t Cross the Line!

There is nothing worse than a disgruntled neighbor. Well there is one thing worse, being in a property dispute with a disgruntled neighbor. We have lost the ability to count the number of times we have been called to a property to move fences to the actual property line between neighboring homes. An experienced fencing company will know how to properly read property lines. Many homeowners will find themselves in a property line dispute because the fencing company they hired did not know how to or care to properly check property line boundaries. Fencepro Fence and Staining will dig up the property irons so we know where the property line is every time. Fencepro Fence and Staining does not do guesswork we only install a fence once we are absolutely certain of the property line. Our fencing company will go the extra mile to even help you with your HOA so you can get approved for the fencing you want in a more efficient manner.

Recent Reviews

Irwin gave me a decent quote to replace a 72’ section on the side of my house. After agreeing with the quote, he had his team show up on time and after consulting with me on their recommendation to accommodate a slight slope, they went to work and never stopped until the job was done. Very professional crew (Dave, TJ, and Tommy) who went above and beyond! My neighbor next door… read more

To Whom It May Concern, Recently I had replacement of components to our property fence. Fence Pro of Jacksonville, FL was selected based on good pricing but more importantly excellent reviews homeowners in the local market had. I was out of town and my daughter was at home when Fence Pro was scheduled to commence with the project. Upon arrival, Rocky (Fence Pro supervisor), … read more

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Other Fencing Companies Say, “Yes. We Broke It, but It’s Not Our Fault.”

FencePro in Jacksonville

Most Jacksonville fencing companies will not repair something if they break it. When a fencing company is digging in the yard it is a common occurrence for a sprinkler line to break. Underground dog fences are notorious for being broken as well. Most fencing companies will have you sign a waiver that they are not responsible for any damages underground. Why would a fencing company need you to sign a waiver? We think if a fencing company breaks something they should fix it. Fencepro Fence and Staining fixes anything that gets broken during the fence installation process. The most common thing to be broken is a sprinkler line. It is hard to believe that some fencing companies are not willing to fix a problem they have created. We want to create a fencing solution for you and not a fencing problem.

Fencepro Fence and Staining wants you to know that you will always deal with one person at our company. We have found that this allows less room for error or communication. Furthermore we want to make sure you receive accurate information regarding our services and products. We understand that the most important thing is keeping our customers happy. The only way we will be able to do this is to provide quality services at good prices, and excellent customer service. Fencepro Fence and Staining wants to earn your business. We will that you, your neighbors, and anyone who drives by will not be able to frown upon. Whether you want vinyl fencing, electric gate repair, wooden fencing, or just gate repair, we want you to proudly be able to say “We chose to use Fencepro Fence and Staining to install our new fencing.”

Thank you for considering Fencepro Fence and Staining in Jacksonville for your fencing project. We hope to be able to work with you in the near future.

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