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Cheap Fence Company Jacksonville

Cheap Fence Company Jacksonville

Looking for a cheap fence company Jacksonville FL? FencePro is one of the most affordable fencing companies in Jacksonville. Furthermore there are very few companies in Jacksonville that will give a great estimate and actually stick to it. Because our fence company has over 30 years of experience we are able to give accurate estimates. our company believes that a company should stay true to their word and always give honest estimates.

FencePro has been serving the great Jacksonville area for over 25 years. It seems like many people price shop to find the cheapest fence company in Jacksonville. There is nothing wrong looking for a great deal on fencing. However, understand that you are probably sacrificing quality of service for a cheap price. That is always a dangerous endeavor.


There are deceptive fence companies in Jacksonville. Pay close attention to a company’s online reputation before calling them. We are known for being one of the cheapest fencing companies in Jacksonville, but does that mean that our work is shoddy? Absolutely not. Our work speaks for itself. Go to the photo gallery on the left hand website and you will be able to see some of our past work. We are one of the few fence companies If you would like to receive an estimate from a cheap fence company Jacksonville, call us today. Feel free to continue reading of you would like to find out more about our fence company.

Also, there are cheap fencing companies in Jacksonville that should be avoided at all costs. You probably already know who these companies are if you are doing your research and reading reviews. Those fencing companies have negative reviews which seem to be there for good reason. Additionally the few good reviews these companies have seem to be fictional or created by employees at the company. Read reviews carefully. Look at the people that have written the reviews as well. Make sure they are not fence company employees or the owner. Most of all, if a majority of the reviews are negative and they have a few glowing 5 star reviews, be very wary. You will see the companies in which we are referring. In conclusion, we hope you read this and avoid the bad fence companies.

Call us today.

In conclusion, we will show you what quality and cheap prices from a fencing company look like. FencePro makes our own wooden fences. We even sell fence parts to other Jacksonville fence companies and residents. Additionally, we offer pool fences, railing, electronic gate repair and more. There are just not may fence companies in Jacksonville that will be able to compare to FencePro. Therefore you should call us today to schedule an estimate. Don’t fall for the gimmicks of other fencing companies Jacksonville.

Fence Parts Jacksonville

Are you looking for fence parts Jacksonville homeowners or fence companies?

Fencepro of Jacksonville is the best place to purchase all of your fence parts. We have all of the fence parts you could ever need. Our company is Jacksonville’s one stop fence part shop. If you do not want to read any further and just want to know if we have a particuar part, call us. We have almost any fence part you can imagine. You can also ask us any questions you may have about fence parts by going to our contact form.

If you are involved with the fencing industry, you probably recall that major fence companies in Jacksonville used to carry fence parts. This all changed in the last recession, most major fence companies that carried fence parts went out of business. It became so difficult to find fence parts in Jacksonville that we found ourselves ordering fence parts in large quantities. There were just simply not any places to get fence parts or accessories. Our fence company, Fencepro Inc started receiving calls from fencing companies asking if we had fence parts to sell. We decided to start selling fence parts as well as offer our normal fencing services we have offered for many years.

We have a wide array of fence parts and accessories for any type of fencing you can imagine. Whether you need parts or accessories for vinyl, wood, or metal fencing we have the fence parts you need. Our fence parts prices are far below what you will be able to find anywhere else in Jacksonville. When you need fence parts Jacksonville Florida businesses and residents, Fencepro is the right company to call or visit for all of your fence parts and accessories. You can fill out the contact form on our website with any questions you may have or even better, just call us. We look forward to helping you with all of your fence part needs Jacksonville!

Fence Company in Jacksonville

Are you looking for a reliable fence company in Jacksonville that has great prices? Your search stops here. Fencepro Inc has some of the best fencing prices in the greater Jacksonville area. Our company wants to thank you for visiting our website. If you want to call us immediately and do not want to read any more of our article you can call us immediately at (904) 538-0627 You can also click here to find out more about our fencing company.

We have been serving the greater Jacksonville area for over twenty years and have always provided only the best in fencing services. Our reputation means everything to us so we have always done everything in our power to keep our customers happy. Each and every one of our customers is important to us and we owe all of our success as a company to our customers. We care about each and every one of our customers equally and we will always treat you with the respect you deserve. Fencepro would not be the company it is today without a genuine concern for our customers opinions and their satisfaction. If you hire Fencepro as your fence company in Jacksonville. You can guarantee that you will get quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices, and great customer service.

We are clearly not the only fence company in Jacksonville. There are some great fence companies in Jacksonville and there are also some fence companies that should be avoided if at all possible. Not every fence company has the same level of dedication to their customers that we have. It is usually pretty easy to spot the less than quality fence companies in Jacksonville. Many of them have poor reviews online and legitimate complaints from real customers. A positive review will not define whether or not a company is a good fence company or a bad one. What will be a better indication of whether or not a fence company is a good or bad one is the way a fence company responds to a complaint from a customer. Some companies choose to avoid customers that have a problem or they will respond to a customer complaint in a confrontation manner. This is not the way Fencepro inc will conduct business. We take customer complaints very seriously and if there is ever a problem with any of our work, we will work with the property owner to correct the problem quickly.

Our company offers a number of different types of fencing services If you can think of a type of fencing, there is a good chance that we work with that type of fencing. Fencepro Inc also makes all of its own wooden fencing and gates so we can be sure that they meet our standards. If you have specific requests for a certain type of fencing we can install the fencing you would like to purchase as well.

We Offer:

  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Wooden Fencing
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Pool Fencing
  • Electronic Gate Repair
  • …And More!

When you are looking for a fencing company in Jacksonville call Fencepro before you make you final decision. We look forward to making you another one of our satisfied long term customers.

Pool Fences

Pool Fences Jacksonville

Pool Fences Jacksonville

If you need pool fences Jacksonville pool owners, Fencepro is the best company to call for pool fences. Fencepro Inc is an owner operated fencing company that has many years of experience in the fencing industry in and around the Jacksonville area. Pool fences are almost a necessity if you are a swimming pool owner. Pool fences serve a number of different purposes. Pool fences can keep young children from accessing a pool. Pool fences can also keep wildlife and unwanted persons from accessing the swimming pool.

Odds are if you are a pool owner, you already know and understand the importance of having a pool fence. What you may not know is there is a drastic difference in price and quality of work depending upon which pool fencing company you choose to use. When you look online it is pretty easy to spot the bad pool fencing companies in Jacksonville. These companies have a bad reputation for a good reason. It is pretty difficult to receive an online review rating of 1-3 out of 5 stars on popular review sites if you are providing quality service. Many of the negative reviews customers have written about these fencing companies are very legitimate and valid complaints. If you look at some of the positive reviews on these same companies they look very suspicious. Our fencing company has never had problems maintaining a positive reputation because we are truly committed to giving each and every one of our customers an experience worth sharing with others. Our pool fences Jacksonville customers have had us install are not only made out of quality materials but they are installed with care.

Newly Installed Swimming Pool Fence 2

Pool Fencing Jacksonville Florida

Be wary of the low price claim. Many fencing companies will advertise low prices and low prices are great as long as you receive great services for those low prices. If you look online at reviews you will see that many Jacksonville residents complaining about the cost of doing business with one of the “low priced fencing companies.” Some of these Jacksonville residents have had to spend hundreds or even thousands in property damage repairs, fencing costs to redo the poor installation work and or even money in medical bills. If the price is substantially cheaper than other fencing companies you should ask yourself what corners they are cutting to give such low rates. Fencepro always gives realistic estimates on pool fences. Our prices are competitive with other reputable fencing companies in Jacksonville. Most importantly, if we cause damage to your property, we will fix it. Many fencing companies will have you sign wavers that state that they are not responsible for any damages done to you or your property during the fence installation process. If a pool fencing company is experienced and careful, they should not cause any damage to your property. So why would a fencing company want to have you sign a waiver. Furthermore, if a company causes damage to your property, shouldn’t they be willing to fix the problem? Fencepro is here to give you solutions, not to create problems.

If you are looking for pool fences Jacksonville pool owners, there is really no better company to call than Fencepro. We have a wide range of pool fencing that can fit almost anyone’ taste and budget. Our company will walk you through the whole process. We would love to work with you to install pool fences for you. Call us with any questions you have about pool fences or our company. Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope to speak with you soon.

Vinyl Fencing Jacksonville

If you want vinyl fencing Jacksonville, Fencepro of Jacksonville is the best fencing company to call for all of your vinyl fencing needs.  You are more than likely looking for vinyl fencing Jacksonville residents if  you have managed to make it onto this page of our site. This page discusses the benefits of vinyl fencing and choosing Fencepro to install your vinyl fencing.  If you do not want to continue reading and just want to contact us now you can call us now at    (904) 538-0627.  You can also click here to go directly to the homepage of our website for more information about our company.  If you want to know more about vinyl fencing or our company, this article will hopefully help you.

Vinyl fencing is fencing that is made out of plastic or other synthetic materials. Vinyl fencing is a very durable option that will not wear as easily and has a long lifespan. There are definitely some major benefits of choosing vinyl fencing beyond just the longer Fence Completed 2lifespan.  However it is important to note that vinyl fencing is a great option for someone who plans to stay at a home for an extended amount of time.  Vinyl fencing really does last much longer than wood fencing.   Vinyl fencing is slightly more expensive than traditional wood fencing but they are a much better option for someone who is going to live in a home for a longer period of time. If you calculate the number of years a vinyl fence lasts compared to a wood fence and factor in the cost, vinyl fencing is really a better deal in the long run. Vinyl fencing is also a lot easier to maintain as well as keep clean.

Why should you choose Fencepro for vinyl fencing?

Fencepro is one of the most customer service conscious fencing companies in Jacksonville. The owner of the company, Irwin Silverman, has been in the Jacksonville fencing industry for over 20 years. He understands that the only way to build a long lasting, solid company is to treat customers with the utmost respect. Almost all of our business comes from word of mouth and or referrals from past customers. Our prices are competitive and are in line with the other Jacksonville fencing companies. One of the many things that sets our company apart from the others is our quality of our work and our reputation. If you do research online before choosing a vinyl fencing company, you will see that not every fencing company in Jacksonville has a great reputation. If a customer ever has a problem with any of the work that we have done then we go out of our way to make it right. Every happy customer we have, creates another happy customer down the road. If you ever have a problem with any of the work that we do, you can rest assure that we will fix whatever the problem may be.

Fencepro would love to have an opportunity to work with you to install vinyl fencing that you’ll love. You can call us anytime and we will be happy to give you a free estimate. If you have any additional questions about vinyl fencing you can call us about that as well. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about vinyl fencing or any other type of fencing. Thanks for reading and we hope you have a great day.

Fence Companies Jacksonville

Looking at fence companies Jacksonville homeowners and business owners?  Choosing any contractor is always a difficult task and choosing the right fencing company is no exception.  There are plenty of fencing companies in Jacksonville there are some great fencing companies and some really really bad ones too.  The only way to choose the bad fencing companies from the good ones is to do a lot of online research before choosing a company.  Even if a neighbor or friend refers you to a fencing company you should still do your research.  Just because one person had a great experience it does not mean that the fencing company is consistently doing great work.

The best thing you can do is look at reviews from customers online.  If you are looking at reviews online you will be able to find the bad fencing companies rather quickly.  Almost all of the Jacksonville fencing companies have at least one bad review.  So it is important to do research on the reviewers as well.  You can do this on most online directories by clicking on the name of the person that wrote the review.  We will give you a great example of why you should look at the reviewer and not just the review.  A couple of years ago we noticed a negative review that showed up on our Google Plus Business Page.  It was very vague and we had no record of a customer under that name.  We clicked on the reviewers name on our Google Plus Business Page and it showed us their review history.  The same person had written an almost identical negative review for all the fence companies Jacksonville had to offer on Google.  The reviewer only had one positive review and it was for a fence company in Jacksonville that just so happened to have a negative reputation.  We contacted the fence company who had a positive review and explained the situation.  They proceeded to give us their best act of bewilderment.  We also contacted several other fence companies in Jacksonville who also had a negative review written by the same reviewer.  They also contacted the fence company that had the positive review knowing that the company that had a positive review had also written all of the negative reviews .  Mysteriously all of the negative review began to disappear in a matter of moments after we all started to contact the fence company.  This furthermore confirmed that it was a fencing company in Jacksonville writing negative reviews for the rest of us within the Jacksonville area.

We work very hard to make sure each and every fence that we install or work on meets our high level of standards.  Our fence company makes sure to always address any of our customers concerns immediately so we can keep you as the customer happy.  Most of our business comes from word of mouth.  We know that the best way to get new customers is to treat every customer with the respect they deserve and only put forth our best work on each and every job.  We also understand that our dedication to our customers is what will allow us to continue to receive more referrals. Our reputation means everything to us and so we vow to never disappoint.

We will not use fence supplies that we feel will not meet our quality control standards.  We have found that some of the wood fencing that is made by large box stores and or fence supplies companies does not meet our standards.  Therefore we make almost all of our own wood fencing.  It not only allows us to quote lower prices on wood fencing but it allows us to put out a better end product.   This is just one example of our dedication to quality materials.

We really hope you will consider using our fencing company if you are looking for fencing in Jacksonville.  If you have any questions you can always call us or if you want more information about our company you visit the homepage of our website by clicking here.  Our company looks forward to hearing from you and hope you a great day.  Thank you for reading.

Wood Fencing Jacksonville

Looking for wood fencing Jacksonville homeowners?  Fencepro is the best company to choose for all of your wood fencing needs.  We are a fencing company that installs wood fencing for Jacksonville residents and homeowners.  We are able to keep our prices a lot lower than other wood fencing companies in Jacksonville because we build all of our own wooden fencing.  We started building all of our own wood fencing because the wood fencing we were finding in big box stores was not up to our standards.  We found that when we built our own wood fencing we were able to give our customers a better quality product at a lower price.  It certainly takes more time and work to make our own wood fencing but we feel it is worth it because if there are two things we want to give to our customers it is a quality product with a great price.

The quality of your wood fencing determines how long it will last.  Wood fencing does not stand up to the elements as well as some other types of fencing like vinyl or metal.  Therefore when you are dealing with wood fencing it is much more important that it is well made and crafted from quality wood.  We have very high standards when it comes to making our own wooden fencing because we want you to have wood fencing that will last you the most amount of time possible.

Our low prices on wood fencing are usually what makes Jacksonville homeowners choose our fencing company.  Many people will choose a company just because they are the cheapest fencing company.  Many times this can leave you with an inferior product.  However without fencing company we have some of the lowest prices on wood fencing and a high quality product too.  We know that hard work pays off so we put it a lot of extra hard work to build our own wood fencing which allows us to save a substantial amount of money and pass those savings onto our customers.

We hope if you are looking for a wood fencing company in Jacksonville you will consider using our fencing company Fencepro.  We have an outstanding reputation online as well as in and around the Jacksonville community.  When you call our company you will always be dealing with me, Irwin Silverman, directly.  I am the owner of the company and like to speak directly with you are always given accurate information about our services and products.  I hope that you will choose our company for all of your wood fencing needs.

Fences Jacksonville

Do you need fences Jacksonville homeowners and or businesses? Fencepro of Jacksonville is the best fencing company you can call.  If there is any type of fence you want, we are the company to do it for you.  We deal with all types of fences from vinyl to metal.  We even deal with electric gates and metal railings.  Fencepro of Jacksonville takes great pride in the quality of our work.  Our company wants to make sure that we are always able to provide low prices and maintain our high level of quality.  We know the most important thing to our customers is the price and quality of the end product so we are always looking for a ways to reduce costs so we can pass savings on to customers, while never sacrificing quality.

Fencepro of Jacksonville will come to give you an estimate when you call our company for fence installation.  If you need fence repair, we do that too.  There are plenty of fencing companies in Jacksonville but some may use bait and switch tactics in order to earn your business.  If you do not know what “bait and switch” practices are, it is when a company quotes you a low price but the final bill is far more than the initial quote.  We all know as fence contractors that unexpected costs may come up so most fencing companies will be give an estimate that will allow room for unexpected problems.  It is important to ask the fencing company a lot of questions before you hire them about their billing procedures and estimates.  You should ask questions such as: Are there any additional fees that are not included in the estimate?  How long have you been in business?  Do you have any warranties on your work?  Asking simple questions such as the ones listed above can save you some major time, money, and serious headaches later.

Fencepro understands that the most important part of our company is you, our customers.  We not only do everything we can to make sure you like our work we also want to make sure we are providing the highest level of customer service possible.  Most of our business  comes from referrals so we are always striving to make a good first impression as well as a long lasting positive impact.  When you are looking for a fencing company Jacksonville, we hope you will call Fencepro before you make your final decision.  Fencepro will not disappoint you.