Fence Companies Jacksonville

Looking at fence companies Jacksonville homeowners and business owners? Choosing any contractor is always a difficult task and choosing the right fencing company is no exception. There are plenty of fencing companies in Jacksonville there are some great fencing companies and some really really bad ones too. The only way to choose the bad fencing companies from the good ones is to do a lot of online research before choosing a company. Even if a neighbor or friend refers you to a fencing company you should still do your research. Just because one person had a great experience it does not mean that the fencing company is consistently doing great work.

The best thing you can do is look at reviews from customers online. If you are looking at reviews online you will be able to find the bad fencing companies rather quickly. Almost all of the Jacksonville fencing companies have at least one bad review. So it is important to do research on the reviewers as well. You can do this on most online directories by clicking on the name of the person that wrote the review. We will give you a great example of why you should look at the reviewer and not just the review. A couple of years ago we noticed a negative review that showed up on our Google Plus Business Page. It was very vague and we had no record of a customer under that name. We clicked on the reviewers name on our Google Plus Business Page and it showed us their review history. The same person had written an almost identical negative review for all the fence companies Jacksonville had to offer on Google. The reviewer only had one positive review and it was for a fence company in Jacksonville that just so happened to have a negative reputation. We contacted the fence company who had a positive review and explained the situation. They proceeded to give us their best act of bewilderment. We also contacted several other fence companies in Jacksonville who also had a negative review written by the same reviewer. They also contacted the fence company that had the positive review knowing that the company that had a positive review had also written all of the negative reviews . Mysteriously all of the negative review began to disappear in a matter of moments after we all started to contact the fence company. This furthermore confirmed that it was a fencing company in Jacksonville writing negative reviews for the rest of us within the Jacksonville area.

We work very hard to make sure each and every fence that we install or work on meets our high level of standards. Our fence company makes sure to always address any of our customers concerns immediately so we can keep you as the customer happy. Most of our business comes from word of mouth. We know that the best way to get new customers is to treat every customer with the respect they deserve and only put forth our best work on each and every job. We also understand that our dedication to our customers is what will allow us to continue to receive more referrals. Our reputation means everything to us and so we vow to never disappoint.

We will not use fence supplies that we feel will not meet our quality control standards. We have found that some of the wood fencing that is made by large box stores and or fence supplies companies does not meet our standards. Therefore we make almost all of our own wood fencing. It not only allows us to quote lower prices on wood fencing but it allows us to put out a better end product. This is just one example of our dedication to quality materials.

We really hope you will consider using our fencing company if you are looking for fencing in Jacksonville. If you have any questions you can always call us or if you want more information about our company you visit the homepage of our website by clicking here. Our company looks forward to hearing from you and hope you a great day. Thank you for reading.