Fence Company in Jacksonville

Are you looking for a reliable fence company in Jacksonville that has great prices? Your search stops here. Fencepro Fence and Staining has some of the best fencing prices in the greater Jacksonville area. Our company wants to thank you for visiting our website. If you want to call us immediately and do not want to read any more of our article you can call us immediately at (904) 538-0627.

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We have been serving the greater Jacksonville area for over twenty years and have always provided only the best in fencing services. Our reputation means everything to us so we have always done everything in our power to keep our customers happy. Each and every one of our customers is important to us and we owe all of our success as a company to our customers. We care about each and every one of our customers equally and we will always treat you with the respect you deserve. Fencepro Fence and Staining would not be the company it is today without a genuine concern for our customers opinions and their satisfaction. If you hire Fencepro Fence and Staining as your fence company in Jacksonville. You can guarantee that you will get quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices, and great customer service.

We are clearly not the only fence company in Jacksonville. There are some great fence companies in Jacksonville and there are also some fence companies that should be avoided if at all possible. Not every fence company has the same level of dedication to their customers that we have. It is usually pretty easy to spot the less than quality fence companies in Jacksonville. Many of them have poor reviews online and legitimate complaints from real customers. A positive review will not define whether or not a company is a good fence company or a bad one. What will be a better indication of whether or not a fence company is a good or bad one is the way a fence company responds to a complaint from a customer. Some companies choose to avoid customers that have a problem or they will respond to a customer complaint in a confrontation manner. This is not the way Fencepro Fence and Staining will conduct business. We take customer complaints very seriously and if there is ever a problem with any of our work, we will work with the property owner to correct the problem quickly.

Our company offers a number of different types of fencing services If you can think of a type of fencing, there is a good chance that we work with that type of fencing. Fencepro Fence and Staining also makes all of its own wooden fencing and gates so we can be sure that they meet our standards. If you have specific requests for a certain type of fencing we can install the fencing you would like to purchase as well.

We Offer:

  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Wooden Fencing
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Pool Fencing
  • Electronic Gate Repair
  • …And More!

When you are looking for a fencing company in Jacksonville call Fencepro Fence and Staining before you make you final decision. We look forward to making you another one of our satisfied long term customers.