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Welcome to Fencepro Fence and Staining’s page all about wood staining and sealing. Our company, Fencepro Fence and Staining has been providing fence installation and fence repairs to the greater Jacksonville area for over three decades. Fencepro Fence and Staining is now offering wood staining and sealing services to Jacksonville homeowners. Our company wants to help you create a more visually appealing exterior and help the elements made out of wood last longer. Fencepro Fence and Staining is proud to be one of the only companies in the Jacksonville area who uses Wood Defender products.

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Why Should I Get My Fence, Dock, or Deck Stained?

All of the items outside your home will benefit both visually and structurally from wood staining and sealing.

Below we will outline the importance of the staining and sealing process.

Staining – The staining process is about changing the color and appearance of the wood. You can choose a wood stain that will make your fence, deck, or dock almost any color you would like. Wood stain has the ability to create a real wow factor. Wood staining is one of the most cost effective methods to make your property more visually appealing which will increase the value your home.

Sealing – The sealing process is designed to protect the stain and more importantly protect the wood from the elements. The longevity of any item comprised of wood is impacted by: sun, water, time, and salt content of the air. Jacksonville is closer to the ocean. Therefore, the air has a higher moisture and salt content. The salinity of the air can cause wood to deteriorate at a faster rate. Stained wood that is not sealed will streak when it is exposed to moisture. Protecting wood on the exterior of your home is paramount. Sealing wood will allow it to last years longer than it would have without sealant. Protecting the wood on the exterior of your home just makes sense.

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If you are interested in finding out more about our wood staining and sealing services, give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process or our company. Fencepro Fence and Staining will be happy to give you an in person estimate.

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